September 2016 monthly report

September wasn't a particularly eventful month, in terms of variety (as I was focussed on a few high-impact tasks), so I'll keep this brief…


  • I worked a total of 66 hours on my side-business last month. That's just under 16 hours per week.
  • My website received 25,433 sessions by 16,785 users who viewed a total of 48,286 pages. Pretty similar to last month.
  • I gained 1,282 new email subscribers so now I have a total of 13,586 at the end of September.


Set up a new 3-part video series to replace my 7-Day Productivity Plan

I created a branch new 3-part video training series which is now the primary “lead magnet” on my website which has replaced my email course, the 7-Day Productivity Plan. Why? Just trying something new and finding a new/better way to deliver value when someone signs up to my email list.

Continuing to service clients who need help with Asana and general productivity

I’ve definitely found a good niche in the Asana consulting space. There are plenty of business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for help with Asana; primarily around setting up their accounts and on boarding their teams in the most effective way. My plan is to later turn this consulting into an online course (effectively removing my time from income generation).

If you’d like help with Asana, feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory chat with me.


Read some books.

Went to a wedding (it was fun).

Got a haircut.

Um, yeah…