September 2015 Monthly Report

Welcome to my September monthly report. It’s been a great month – we had an awesome time in Bali and I've started work at my new job!


  • I spent approximately 42 hours working on my website and the Personal Productivity Toolkit in September. That's just over 10 hours a week and is a little less than normal as we were away for such a big chunk of the month.
  • Email subscribers sit at 4,662 as at the end of the month. This is really great and I'm super pleased with how the email list continues to grow month on month. I put a lot of this down to the strong organic traffic I receive for my book summaries.
  • Website sessions and users are both up over 27% and and page views over 22%. Sweet!

september analytics


1. We had a great time in Bali!

Okay, so this isn't really an “achievement” but it's worth mentioning seeing as our trip took up such a huge portion of the month (which is why this report is so brief).

Hayley and I had a fantastic time in Bali. It was beautifully sunny and 28-30 degrees every day – pure bliss!

Bali is a beautiful country and the people are extremely kind and welcoming. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Benoa, the food was delicious and the beer was cheep. What more could you ask for?

bali waterfall

This was our first time using Expedia to book a trip and I have to mention how good it was. Not only did we save a tonne of money booking through Expedia compared to our local travel agent, but we were met by a guide (Expedia rep) who helped us plan the trip and book our activities. If you're looking at visiting this part of the world, I highly recommend giving Expedia a look at.

2. I started my new job

After returning from Bali I was straight back into work and started at my new job. It's a startup called iRefi which is building an online mortgage platform for kiwis. We're streamlining mortgage applications by putting the process online and making it super easy to upload your details and get financing.

I'm helping out at the top of our sales funnel building the website, marketing and putting good processes around our work. It's only been two weeks but I'm really enjoying the new role and being part of a young and incredibly hard working team.


I'll be launching the Personal Productivity Toolkit in October and I've got a solid plan in place that should allow me to hit the launch date on time. I'll be releasing teaser content from next week, so keep your eyes on the blog and your inbox.

While we were away I read Rework which was an awesome book. It's basically about the best practices companies should follow to be more productive and successful. I love how actionable and concise the lessons are. Read the Rework book summary for more.