Running better webinars with ClickMeeting

Running better webinars with ClickMeeting [sponsored]

One of the challenges we face when running an online business or website is deciding what tools to use. When it comes to video conferencing and webinars, this is particularly difficult. We’re spoilt for choice and I feel like every other week I’m exposed to a new video conferencing platform.

And I’ve tried a bunch of tools. Because I run my business 100% virtually, I’m always looking out for better online meeting and webinar platforms.


In this post, I’d like to introduce you to ClickMeeting (affiliate link, get 15% off when you sign up). ClickMeeting is a video conferencing and webinar platform that makes it super easy to schedule and run your online meetings.

One of the problems I often face with other conferencing tools is that they require you to download an application to join the meeting. This is a real issue with clients and attendees who are less tech savvy. But with ClickMeeting the call runs in your browser on any device so there’s nothing to download. This is massive as it will increase your webinar and call attendance which is super important!

ClickMeeting also integrates with all your favourite online services:

  • Pipedrive – I’m also an avid Pipedrive (affiliate link) user which ClickMeeting integrates with really well. So when someone registers for a meeting, ClickMeeting will automatically create a new contact and deal in my Pipedrive account. This makes it super easy to follow up with important sales leads after a meeting.
  • Google Analytics – This is great for seeing the flow of traffic from your registration page to the waiting room and the live webinar itself. All the data including attendee location and the device is all captured in Google Analytics.
  • PayPal – With webinars I’ve run in the past, I often make them paid so I can limit attendees and encourage better engagement with a small group of people. ClickMeeting allows you to request a payment when an attendee registers for an event. This is also great for consultants and freelancers who want to take payment before a paid session with a client.
  • Facebook/YouTube Live Streaming – This bit is really cool! If you’re running a webinar and want more people to see it, you can simultaneously stream to Facebook or YouTube and connect with your audience on their preferred platform.

So, the next time you’re looking for a better video conferencing or webinar platform, check out ClickMeeting. Sign up here to get 15% off!