living in bali for 7 weeks

Living in Bali for 7 weeks

Today we’re leaving beautiful Bali and moving on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Reflecting on the last 7 weeks in Bali, it really has been an incredible experience living away from home and spending a prolonged period of time in this country.

Living away from home has been a new and exciting experience. We’ve been getting by with minimal possessions which just goes to show how little you really need to be happy. We’ve also had a lot more time on our hands. There’s no rat race, no living for the weekends and this experience has given us a great opportunity to think about some of life’s bigger questions and priorities. Spending this much time with your spouse, you might expect to get bored of one another but this is far from the case. With more time on our hands, we’ve been able to have deeper discussions about what makes us happy and what we want to get out of life further strengthening our relationship.

I can see why so many people decide to spend long periods of time in Bali and in Canggu in particular. It’s a great place to use as a base to explore the rest of the island. Not too far from the main centers, but far enough away that the place isn’t overrun by tourists and salesman. There’s a vibe here that’s really relaxing and it’s amazing what sorts of people you meet in this little area of Bali.

We’ve made great friends at CrossFit Wanderlust. The team there is very welcoming, will push you hard and strive to help you succeed. Even though there are lots of people passing through the gym, there’s still a great sense of community and support at the box.

We’ve also loved working out of the Dojo Coworking space. I’ve met loads of super smart and hard working people. As an independent worker, you’re on your own a lot and can’t always bounce your ideas of other people or find the new ideas you need to grow your business. But at Dojo, there are so many great people to talk to who instantly “get” your business, can point you in the right direction and challenge your ideas.

We’ve also had some great experiences; watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur, watching the sunset from Tanah Lot, meeting elephants, surfing during the middle of the day and making friends with the local restaurant owners and street dogs.

I could definitely stay in Bali for a while longer and the place has become like a second home. Even with this being the case, I’m excited to be moving on and discovering some other greats spots that we can call home.