Kajabi: Everything you need to build your online business [sponsored]

One of the reasons I choose to work for myself is because of the freedom that self-employment can create. Being an independent worker, you can work when and how you want with clients and customers all around the world.

However, this is only possible when you put the right tools and systems in place. Without an effective set of tools that helps you to be more productive and grow your business, you run the very serious risk of getting trapped in an efficient business that is hurting rather than helping you.

Enter Kajabi!

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform which enables digital entrepreneurs to create a business that’s optimised around their lifestyle (something I was talking about with Paul Jarvis in a recent interview). Rather than paying for multiple tools to run your business, Kajabi provides you with a suite of tools for setting up your online business teaching others through online courses, consulting (like me) and membership sites.

To date, thousands of people have used Kajabi to escape a career they hate to pursue their real passions. For me personally, I quit my job 2 years ago next month and couldn’t be happier (I’m now 100% “unemployable”).

Kajabi really is a powerhouse of tools and has everything you need under one roof. Here are all the things it can do (each feature is one less additional service you won’t need to sign up for):

    • Build your website – That’s right, no need to figure out WordPress or Squarespace. Kajabi comes with customisable themes and hosting (no additional fees) so you can build your digital home, fast!
    • Email marketing – Create your own personalised emails to send to your audience. And because your website is built using Kajabi as well, there’s no extra integration needed to add signup forms to your site.
    • E-commerce – With flexible payment options and one-click upsells (with no transaction fees), you can sell your digital products online with less stress and hassle.
    • And more… – Build beautiful landing pages, marketing automation, live or pre-recorded webinars, and online course quizzes. Kajabi has everything you need to build your online business.

With all of these features, Kajabi is perfect for anyone brand new to online business who doesn’t want to waste time with loads of different tools and integrations.

To get started with Kajabi today, you can sign up here and get 15% off!