How you can save $60,000/year with Asana [VIDEO]

When you successfully adopt Asana, it can have a big impact on your companies bottom line by helping you to 1) service more clients/customers 2) reduce costs by making the team more efficient.

For example, a few years ago I worked with a branding agency. The company was about 18 months old at the time, it was a small, 5-person team but they were growing quickly. The founder approached me as she wanted to put systems in place that would help the business to scale as they took on more clients.

After the team created client templates in Asana, they were able to be a lot more consistent and efficient when executing on a client project.

A year later, I was catching up with the founder and she told me:

“Asana saved us from having to hire an additional staff member, so I'd say it's saved us $45-60,000 over the last year”

I love hearing stories like this as they really highlight the impact a tool like Asana can have.

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