How working at a co-working space has improved my productivity (and business)

How working at a co-working space has improved my productivity (and business)

Since June 2017 when I went full-time on my business I’ve been working from the BizDojo co-working space in Takapuna, New Zealand.

I was first introduced to co-working when Hayley and I spent a few months in Bali earlier that year. We worked from the Dojo co-working space (completely unrelated to BizDojo) where we were introduced to the idea of working in a shared space with other businesses and independent workers.

When we got back home in June, I instantly knew I wanted to find a local co-working space to work from.

And I can say with confidence that working at BizDojo has had a significant impact on my productivity and the growth of my business.

Here’s why…

1. Co-working spaces contribute to deeper focus

I’ve worked at home a bit in the past. But only ever for the odd day or two. On those days, sure it’s nice to not have to commute, but I find I’m far less focussed. It’s so easy to find things around the house to distract yourself with whether it’s watching some extended Netflix during lunch or getting preoccupied with laundry and chores.

Regardless of that, working at home eventually leads to serious cabin fever and I find myself dying to leave the house.

Everyone at a co-working space is there to do just that – work. And because everyone has their head down working (most of the time) I feel more motivated and this helps me to get into a “deep work” state.

2. Co-working spaces create clearer boundaries between work and home life

Because you’re working from a dedicated workspace, this creates a very clear boundary between your work and home life. Compared to working 100% at home where this line is a lot more blurry.

I really enjoy coming to a co-working space where my purpose is to work. When you walk in, your mind gets in the zone and you have a greater sense of purpose. Then, when you leave, you can mentally shut down and go home to relax.

Some days work can follow me home. But I really try to shut down for the day when I leave the workspace.

Sure I could work from a cafe, but I don’t feel the same sense of focus that you get at a co-working space.

3. You get more social interaction at a co-working space

Naturally, working in a co-working space is a lot more social compared to being at home alone with the cat. This is one of the best things about co-working; you get to come to work in a place with like-minded people, make friends and because you don’t actually work with these people in your business, there’s none of the normal office politics.

Our co-working space is very social and we regularly have community breakfasts, table tennis tournaments, board game nights and after work drinks. You simply can’t get this at home or working from a cafe.

So even if co-working didn’t come with all of the productivity or business benefits, at the very least it’s just a more fun way to work.

4. Co-working spaces encourage business networking and sharing of expertise

And by far one of the greatest benefits of co-working is the networking and knowledge sharing that a shared space encourages. I can attribute real revenue in my business with conversations that I’ve had with people at our workspace. And when you start to learn what other people do for work, they become a resource you can tap in to or get referred work from.

BizDojo runs “Each one, teach one’s” where someone in the space shares some useful advice with the community. For example, I’ve run sessions about Asana and Pipedrive as a way of passing on what I’ve learned (and maybe get some business out of it).

And I love the little interactions that happen throughout the day. For example, you go to make a coffee and before you know it you’ve had a conversation that’s sparked a new business idea or opportunity.

So, it’s safe to say I’m very happy with the way I’m currently working.

If you’re thinking about co-working, please let me know if you have any questions and I highly recommend you give it a try!