how to track business performance with cyfe

How to track business performance with Cyfe [sponsored]

One of the best things about running an online business is just how much data you have at your fingertips. In fact, online business owners and marketers literally have more data than they can deal with.

For example, I use:

  • Google Analytics – For tracking website traffic, sources and visitor demographics.
  • Mailchimp – For sending newsletters and communicating with my audience. And for each email, I can see performance stats like opens, clicks and revenue.
  • Stripe and Paypal – For processing payments online, tracking sales, refunds and subscriptions.
  • YouTube and Twitter – For publishing content and connecting with my audience. And each platform comes with it’s own suite of social metrics like followers, subscribers, favourites, likes, watch time etc.
  • Pipedrive – For managing sales and consulting prospects. Pipedrive is filled with data about the activities I complete and deals that I win or lose.

The list goes on…

One of the challenges I’ve faced while building my business is that it’s hard to get into the regular habit of checking how I’m doing. Even though I have all this data available, it’s almost too much.

This is where a platform like Cyfe is really powerful. Cyfe lets you create dashboards that are connected to all your online accounts. For example, you could have a “Social Dashboard” displaying metrics from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Or you could have a “Sales Dashboard” showing you performance metrics from your sales CRM, e-commerce platform and payment processor.

[youtube]With Cyfe’s custom alerts and goals, you can then be notified when any of these metrics go above or below a certain threshold. This makes it a lot easier to quickly see how you’re performing across every facet of your business.

Your dashboards can be set up and then securely shared with customers and managers so everyone can see what’s going on. I especially like Cyfe’s dark mode and TV display options. This is great if you want to display your KPI’s on an office wall for the team to see.

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