How to sync Pipedrive to Mailchimp or Active Campaign [VIDEO]

In this video, I show you how to sync your Pipedrive contacts to a tool like Mailchimp or Active Campaign. This is particularly useful if you have a long sales cycle and you want to nurture your leads by adding them to a newsletter or drip campaign.

You can use the built-in native integration or Zapier. But by far the best way to sync the two tools is by using Outfunnel. This is the best option for setting up easy 2-way sync. Outfunnel not only syncs the contacts, but syncs email opens and clicks back to Pipedrive so you can see engagement and report on email sends, opens and clicks in the Pipedrive insights. Outfunnel can also be used to send emails if you don't want to use Mailchimp. This can lower the cost of your tech stack. Outfunnel can also do things like web tracking and lead scoring based on page views, email opens and clicks. This allows you to see in Pipedrive which of your contacts are engaging the most with your website and content.

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