How to onboard a new employee to Asana [VIDEO]

When onboarding a new employee to Asana, you need to follow the correct process so that they adopt Asana and best practices effectively. Here's a checklist you can go through when onboarding a new team member.

  • Decide which projects or teams you're going to invite them to. How much visibility do you want them to have?
  • Define your protocols and best practices. e.g. how to use due dates, when to use Asana vs. Slack for communication.
  • Send the invite.
  • Explain why you use Asana and its role in the company and how it works alongside other tools like email, Slack, a CRM etc.
  • Show them your account structure, projects and teams.
  • Show them how to work with tasks; set due dates, change assignee, post comments.
  • Show them how to check their inbox and respond to comments.
  • Show them how to remove themself as a collaborator.
  • Show them how to plan their tasks in My Tasks.
  • Don't overwhelm people with all the features. Keep it nice and simple to get started.
  • Have them turn on Celebrations.
  • Assign them some tasks to get started.

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