How to get your team to adopt Asana [VIDEO]

In this video, I share some tips on how to get a new team to adopt a tool like Asana and how to introduce it to them in a friendly way.

In summary:

  • Start with ‘Why Asana'. What problems is it going to solve. How does it make their life easier?
  • Start by setting up a project that helps them understand the value of Asana. Don't try and run your entire business in Asana from day one. Ease them into it.
  • Teach them the basics: MyTasks, Inbox, how to update a task.
  • Establish a ‘go live' date when we'll stop using email and everyone should be using Asana.
  • If someone emails you, forward it to Asana and show them how they could have created it as a task.
  • Don't worry about all the advanced features like portfolios, fields, rules etc. These things can be added on later.

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