How to engage inbound leads with a strong call to action


As a consultant, coach or freelancer, there are loads of ways you can encourage people to reach out to you. For example, most people put a simple contact form on their website and say: “Contact me to learn more about my service”. To be honest, I find this to be quite a weak call to action and pretty ineffective.

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When someone comes to my site to learn more about my consulting services the only call to action I have is to book a call with me. You can see an example on this page.

I do this as I find it's much more effective to meet people so they can see what I’m like and I can see what they're like. On the call, I can learn more about their needs and give them some options suitable to their situation.

Check out the video above to see how I've set this all up using Calendly and how I use Zapier to automatically add these leads to Pipedrive (affiliate link), my sales CRM.

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