how to add snoozing tasks and read receipts to apple mail

How to add snoozing, tasks and read receipts to Apple Mail

In the past, I’ve written about how I manage email. I’ve talked about all the different apps I’ve tried and for one reason or another, I always seem to default back to Apple Mail. is simple, easy to use, reliable, has a nice design and works well across the iPhone and Mac.

Yes, there are some great mail clients out there but I only want to use Apple Mail. I just wish it had a few more features…

Well, now it does!

Using MailButler (affiliate link) I’ve been able to add new features right inside the Apple Mail interface. My favourites include:

  • ReadReceipts – So I can see when emails have been read and even what links have been clicked.
  • Create tasks from email – I use this to create tasks from emails in Asana but you can also integrate with apps like Todoist, Wunderlist or Apple Reminders.
  • Create notes – Similarly, I use this button to create notes in Evernote but you can also integrate with OneNote and other note apps.
  • Schedule emails and undo sending – This is super handy. I love being able to quickly undo a send if I’ve forgotten something. Scheduling emails for the future is also super useful.

If you’re an Apple Mail fan like me but need a few more features, consider giving MailButler a go. It comes with a free trial and is well worth the small fee for paid plans.