How often should you be updating Asana? [VIDEO]

Asana is a much more useful tool when it's up to date. If you find yourself having to ‘clean up' parts of Asana, this can really slow things down and detract from Asana's value.

Here are my recommendations on which parts of Asana should be updated and how often:

Every day:

  1. Review your Inbox and respond to comments.
  2. Mark tasks are completed and add new tasks to projects as needed.
  3. Review My Tasks for a summary of tasks due today and upcoming over the next several days.

Every week:

  1. Update project statuses to update relevant portfolios (in the Overview tab).
  2. Review project timelines and make adjustments.

Every month or quarter:

  1. Archive old projects.
  2. Update goal progress and create new goals as needed.

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