How I use Apple Photos [VIDEO]

In this video, I share how I use Apple Photos for organising all my photos on the iPhone, Mac and iPad.

Firstly, my iPhone is my camera. I don't use a DSL or any camera that I need to sync with my photos. This is one of the reasons I get the iPhone Pro, so I can have a great camera without having to pay extra. For me, the money is worth it. As I'm taking photos on the iPhone, these all go into the Photos app on my iPhone and sync to my Mac and our family iPad (make sure you turn on iCloud Photos).

After a day trip or event, I'll usually review my photos and delete ones that are similar. I like my library to be nice and clean and so I remove photos that aren't good or similar ones. This does take up some storage on your iCloud plan, so I've paid for extra room. Currently paying for Apple One (200GB) and an additional 200GB (NZD$4.99/mo) for additional storage (as I also use iCloud for documents). This is a nice way of backing up your photos. When you get a new phone, there's nothing to transfer, they're all there.

Once my photos are in, the photos get analysed overnight and then I will regularly review the photos and the people's faced who are tagged. Besides that, I do very little management. All management happens on the phone, not the Mac. The main thing I do is favourite the photos I really like. And I'm pretty strict on this. I want my favourites to be the best of the best so I use it sparingly.

I have a ‘Working' album with photos of me working at my desk. These are useful for blog posts, so I like to group them all into an album. I do the same with all my CrossFit photos as I record a lot of my lifts and it's a nice way to go back and review everything. My extended family has a shared album that we can all add to and this is great for sharing baby photos etc. privately without using a social network.