How I run my business with Asana [VIDEO]

In this video, I share how we use Asana in my business to organise the work we're doing and to communicate as a team.

In summary:

  • Everything we need to do is stored somewhere in Asana. i.e. there's a place for everything.
  • We use Asana in meetings to store notes and assign tasks.
  • When we're on a Zoom call with a client, we can store notes and record action steps inside a task in Asana.
  • I have a saved search where I can see all the tasks assigned to my team.
  • All internal communication goes through Asana. This means when we are planning our work or checking on the status, we have all communication in one place rather than in email or Slack. We still use email for communication with clients.
  • We've linked Pipedrive and Calendly via Zapier so that when we win a new deal, or a client books a call, tasks appear in Asana.
  • We use templates for things like content and recurring tasks. This helps us follow a consistent process every time.

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