How I manage all my contacts using iCloud, Google and Pipedrive [VIDEO]

In this video, I explain how I use different apps and tools to manage my personal and work contacts across devices:

  • I use iCloud for my family and personal contacts. I can add these from my phone or computer and they sync everywhere. Nice and simple. I use Pipedrive for all my professional/work contacts (e.g. clients, contractors etc). This is the source of truth for my business. I like having everything in Pipedrive so I can see all my history with a contact (meetings, activities, emails). It's also easy to bulk export and update contacts if I ever need to.
  • To get these contacts onto my phone, I sync these to my Google account (which is set up in the contact settings on my phone) via Piesync. Pipedrive doesn't allow one-way sync from Pipedrive to Google (it goes from Google to Pipedrive) so I use Piesync to make this work.
  • You may be wondering why I don't sync them to iCloud and have everything in the one account? Well, I pay for G-Suite and the way I see it, iCloud is my personal life (calendar, photos, contacts) and G-Suite is my work life (calendar, email, contacts) and I like to keep the two separate.

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