How I make screencasting videos [VIDEO]

Making screencast videos have been a great way for me to get discovered, build credibility and ultimately, get quality leads for my consulting business. Here's how I go about making my Asana and Pipedrive screencast videos:

Format and structure

  • Each video is short and to the point. I like to make videos that I want to watch.
  • Each video focuses on a specific question or feature.
  • I include a short intro and call to action to learn more.


  • Record and edit using ScreenFlow on the Mac.
  • ScreenFlow lets you add basic effects like mouse zoom and section zooms. I can en blur parts of the screen if I need to.
  • Then I upload to YouTube and my Virtual Assistant creates a thumbnail using Canva, adds the cards and description.

Getting Started

  • Just start! Your first few videos will suck (look at mine). It's the content that matters.
  • Be consistent and produce content on a regular basis.
  • Respond to comments and ideas that people suggest.