habit adoption and high performers with ben austin

Habit Adoption and High-Performers with Ben Austin

Welcome to Productive People, my blog and podcast series dedicated to learning from productive people who are smashing their goals and getting stuff done.

In this episode of the Productivity Podcast, I talk to Ben Austin from StopStartDo.com all about the habits of high performers. Learn about what the worlds high-performers all have in common and how you can adopt the same habits.

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Show notes

  • Introduction to Ben Austin (2:38)
  • What are the most common traits that top performers share? (5:50)
  • What do you recommend for people who don’t know their purpose or mission in life? (10:50)
  • What can we do to make it easier to sustain new habits? (16:52)
  • And what about kicking bad habits, how can we make it easier to get rid of the bad habits we might have? (21:35)
  • Which of the top performers that you’ve looked at do you admire the most? (25:57)
  • What are the specific productivity related habits that high performers share? (27:56)
  • What productivity habits do you personally swear by? (33:45)
  • What are the main tools you use to manage your time and tasks? (43:10)
  • What are your top productivity related book recommendations and which biographies would you recommend based on the high-performers you’ve looked into? (47:10)

Useful links

Be sure to check out Ben’s website, StopStartDo.com and follow Ben on Twitter.