Gary Vaynerchuk Hacks Content Marketing

Do you ever look at content social channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes (Podcasts) and think: “Yeah, that's nice, but who has the time to create content for all those channels?”. Well social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk is killing it on all of these channels and the great thing is, he's doing it all with a simple 10 minute video. Here's how:

  1. Gary encourages his audience to submit questions to him via the hashtag #askgaryvee. As we know, hashtags are supported on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that's three channels he can draw questions from to produce his content. I love how the title of his video series is called “The #askgaryveeshow” highlighting the fact that it's socially driven.
  2. Gary will answer a couple of questions in a 5-10 minute video which he then uploads to YouTube. There's nothing fancy about the videos; just some basic cutting, a few sound effects and shiny title.
  3. He then takes the audio from the video and turns it into a Podcast episode which goes on his site and can be accessed from iTunes or other Podcast apps.
  4. Gary uses the first 15 seconds of his video as a trailer on Instagram. “In this episode I talk about…”. He then links to his most recent video from his Instagram profile.
  5. As well as the Instagram video, Gary will push the content out to his audience via Twitter and Facebook.

What appears to be very time consuming is actually just the same piece of content that's been dissected for each channel that Gary wants to hit. This is awesome because: 1) He's creating a lot of opportunity for new users to discover him and 2) his existing users can choose how they like their content i.e. podcast or video.

The learning here is that if you're going to invest time in to content creation, be smart about it and chop and change it for multiple uses.