Front: The last inbox you’ll ever need [sponsored]

The number of “inboxes” we have to deal with on a daily basis has become pretty overwhelming. Most people have multiple email addresses and social accounts to check on a daily basis. Now add to the mix a situation where multiple people are working in the same inbox (e.g. in sales or customer support where you’re all checking a ‘[email protected]‘ address). Keeping on top of all these inboxes, dealing with messages in a timely manner, collaborating with your team and drafting responses is a real challenge.

In the past, teams have tried to manage a shared inbox using labels or folders, by Cc-ing messages and emailing each other back and forth. It's a real nightmare (trust me, I've been there).

The good news is that Front is the last inbox you’ll ever need.


Front allows you to create a team inbox where multiple people can access the same email account. Incoming messages can then be assigned to a teammate who is responsible for replying. As a team, you can chat within the thread and draft a response together. This eliminates the headache of managing a shared inbox. Front has studied the effects on team productivity and found it saves each team member about 6 hours per week!

front Shared draft editing

And it's not just for email. You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, manage a phone number and send SMS messages from Twilio or deal with chat responses from your website. So instead of checking each individual inbox or logging into loads of different software tools, you can manage all your communication streams in one place.

Front isn’t just for sales and customer service teams. I’ve been trialling it with my wife, who helps me with email. She’ll often have questions and needs to check with me before she hits send. In Front, we can chat about the message in real-time without having to move the message between folders or Cc-ing one another.front app


Front also integrates with a bunch of 3rd party tools. I’ve connected it with Pipedrive so I can quickly create new contacts, deals and activities right from within Front. And with the Asana integration, I can fire off a new task to Asana to put an email into action later.

You can get started today for just $9/month. Head to to start a free trial!