Daily habits every Pipedrive user should follow [VIDEO]

The success of a sales team comes down to building habits that support your sales goals. For example, being really diligent with following up on leads or keeping in touch with clients on an ongoing basis.

In this video, I talk about some of the daily habits every Pipedrive user should follow. When you log in to Pipedrive each day, here are the following habits you should try and adopt to ensure Pipedrive is being used effectively.

1. Start by reviewing the ‘Activities’ tab. If you’ve been following the best practices that I’ve outlined in previous lessons, each day you should have a todo list of follow up emails, calls etc. to complete. Click on the Activities tab to review your work for the day. As you complete an activity, always be asking yourself ‘What’s next’ for that deal. Schedule another follow up if needed. Even though you may be waiting on a reply from a client, you still need to take the initiative to follow up.

2. Process your email into Pipedrive. As you go through your main email, get into the habit of using Pipedrive to organise your next actions. i.e. create new activities for things you need to do (e.g. follow-ups, quotes), add notes from emails into relevant deals, add email attachments to relevant deals etc. The key here is to consolidate all information about a sale into a deal in Pipedrive.

3. Keep deals up to date. As you work on deals, check that it’s in the right stage (or mark as Won/Lost if you need to) and that you have any relevant custom fields filled in. Keep Pipedrive open and up to date. If you only work in Pipedrive once a day, you’ll find it gets out of date very quickly and is, therefore, less useful. Rather than having to go through a big clean up once a day, refer to it regularly and update activities and notes as you go in real-time.

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