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Consistency vs. Intensity [PMP #161]

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I came across this idea on Twitter a few weeks ago and it really made me stop and think, so I thought it was worth exploring.

In actual fact, this is an idea of been aware of for a while. On my Personal Productivity Toolkit product page, I talk about the importance of developing “sustainable productivity”, rather than working hard for short periods and working in “bursts” of productivity.

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Why consistency matters

When you are consistent in what you do, you develop habits and routines that are more sustainable and last a long time.

The keyword here is “sustainable” and this is why so many people give up on the things they do.

For example, you can follow a workout plan for 6 weeks (intensity) but often these intense diets are unsustainable. If after 6 weeks you stop following a healthy routine and revert back to bad habits after this, all that work is for nothing. Now what if you’re less intense and follow a more conservative workout plan but more consistent and never miss going to the gym for 5 years. Which do you think is better?


Getting the right does of intensity

As I mentioned above, the issue with intensity is that it’s often unsustainable and can result in us reverting back to our old ways.

I believe the #1 reason a lot of new businesses fail is due to this balance between consistency and intensity. When starting a new business, a lot of people work really hard in the first few months or years and this often results in burnout. Now I’m not saying that starting a new business doesn’t require hard work. But you need to sustain this hard work over the long-run.

In my case, it took a few years of figuring things out before I made enough to quit my job and go full-time on my own business. And I think a large part of why I was eventually able to do this came down to patience and working hard very consistently during that time.

Whenever you start a new project, commit to a new habit or routine, take a second to think about this balance and ask yourself, how are you going to sustain this new thing? Don't let that initial excitement about a new project hijack your common sense and think about being consistent.