Common Pipedrive mistakes to avoid

Having worked with many Pipedrive users, I've seen people do some weird and wacky stuff with Pipedrive. As I always say:

Quality In = Quality Out

If you don't use Pipedrive properly, you can miss out on a lot of the value that Pipedrive offers. With that in mind, here are some of the common mistakes I see people make with Pipedrive:

  1. Using the Won/Lost buttons correctly: Won » If you don't win them, reports are useless. Lost » If you don't lose them, your pipeline gets full of mess.
  2. Don't accidentally create duplicates.
  3. Make sure each deal has an activity reminding you what to do next. Each day, work from your Activities page to drive your follow-up.
  4. Disable free form entry of lost reasons.
  5. If using two-way calendar sync, make sure you check off your appointments.

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