Can you use Asana as a sales CRM? [VIDEO]

Can you use Asana as a sales CRM? This is a question I get from a lot of my clients. The answer is… well, it depends…

Asana is appropriate for a simple sales process where your needs are basic. You can customise your project with the board layout and use sections for the stages of your sales process. You can use custom fields to track deal value and store contact information. If you're on the Business plan, you could even link your Sales CRM project to sales goals that you've created.

However, you may find Asana a bit limited if you need more advanced reporting, revenue forecasting, email capabilities or integration with an email marketing platform. I'm a big fan of using the right tool for the job and prefer to use a sales CRM like Pipedrive which is purpose-built for managing deals through a sales process.

If you'd like to get help with your Asana set up, then check out my Master Asana program. I also have a program for Pipedrive if you've decided you need a proper CRM.