Balancing technology and mindfulness with Robert Plotkin

Balancing technology and mindfulness with Robert Plotkin [PMP #120]

In this episode of the Paul Minors podcast, I chat with Robert Plotkin all about technology and mindfulness. If you haven't heard of Robert before, here's his very impressive bio:

Robert is the Founder of Technology for Mindfulness, a leading blog and Top 40 iTunes podcast on science, technology, and mindfulness. His unique approach to technology and mindfulness stems from his combination of expertise in technology (as an MIT-educated computer scientist), decades of experience with Japanese martial arts, Zen Buddhism, and training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). He has written seven books on the social impact of computer technology, is a co-founder of the Hack Your Mind program at MIT, and the host of the Technology for Mindfulness podcast.

Technology, tools and apps allow us to be more productive than ever before. But with companies like Facebook and Netflix who profit from our attention, we're also more distracted than ever before.

In this conversation, Robert and I explore how to be more mindful with technology so you can take advantage of all the benefits without it destroying our attention and creativity.

Listen to my interview with Robert here: