August 2015 Monthly Report

Welcome to my August monthly report. It's been another exciting, fun and productive month. I've got some major achievements and news to share this week, so lets dive into it.

This report may sound a little similar to last months report. I've had my head down working on the Personal Productivity Toolkit and I left my job at Mighty Ape, both of which featured in the last report. These are the big things from the month, so that's why they've come up again.


  • I spent approximately 112 hours working on my website last month. That's about 28 hours a week and is a step up from last month as I've had more time now I'm between jobs.
  • Email subscribers are now at 3,429 which is up over 40% on where I was last month. I'm really pleased with how list growth is going.
  • Website sessions are up over 12% and users up over 10%. I have been fairly hands off in terms of driving website traffic, so I'm pretty pleased with this.

August Google Analytics


1. I left my job at Mighty Ape

This was a pivotal moment last month. I've been at Mighty Ape for over 3 and a half years and it was my first job after graduating University. It's been a fantastic company to work for and I've grown a lot as a person while working there.

As I write this I'm between jobs. I'll be starting with the new team in mid September after Hayley and I get back from our honeymoon in Bali.

2. I've almost finished the Personal Productivity Toolkit

Since I've had more time I've been going full steam ahead with the Personal Productivity Toolkit. It's coming along really well and it's almost done. The book is done and I've just finished the coaching videos and audio book.

recording setupI'm particularly pleased with the audio book. It sounds really nice and it's going to be a really nice way to learn everything about productivity alongside the Personal Productivity Handbook. Check out my recording setup in the lounge. My brother Chris helped me with the gear and I sat in the corner next to the curtains to reduce any echo and interference. He's editing the tracks now and it's sounding awesome. Thanks Chris!

I just need to finish up some expert interviews and get a few more case studies and I'll be ready to launch.

You can read more about my Personal Productivity Toolkit in my latest update.


The-Personal-Productivity-Handbook-Book-Cover-(Portrait) V2“Do you have TOO MUCH TO DO and just NOT ENOUGH TIME?”

Learn more about the Personal Productivity Toolkit and get more done with my handbook, coaching videos, worksheets audio book, expert interviews, case studies, calendar templates, a productivity tracker and more! 


3. I had a record day for steps

IMG_4711I had a record day for steps where I walked over 25,000 steps in one day (here's my FitBit badge to prove it). My final step count was 25,869!

I highly rate the FitBit. I use the FitBit Charge HR and it's an awesome device for tracking your health and keeping an eye on how active you are. It's also great for tracking your sleep. So not only will it tell you how long you slept for, it'll tell you how restless you were during the night, so you can get an overall idea of your sleep quality.

I'll be publishing a blog post soon on how to track your health and I'll cover the different tools and apps you can use.


I just finished reading The Creators Code and I'm now on to Letters from a Stoic by Seneca. I've already made a mental note to put up a few more book summaries soon, so stay tuned for this.

Have a great month!