april 2016 monthly report new

April 2016 monthly report

The theme of this month has been focus. You’ll notice this report is pretty minimal. While I have lots of new ideas and things on my “like to do” list, I’ve been highly focussed on thing in particular…


  • I worked approximately 78 hours on my side-business. That’s about 19.5 hours a week.
  • My website received just under 16,000 sessions, over 10,000 unique users and 27,000 page views last month. This was a slight decrease on last month due to a decrease in organic traffic.
  • I gained 860 new email subscribers, bringing my total email subscribers to 9,358.
  • I averaged 34 minutes of reading per day in April1.
  • I’ve also completed 50 days of consecutive cold showers2.


1. I overhauled my Personal Productivity Toolkit sales funnel

This took up about 70–80% of my time last month. I spent this time rewriting the emails and sales page for my Personal Productivity Toolkit.

The goal with this sales funnel is to create an automated source of income. So a subscriber joins my email list, they receive a bunch of “nurturing” emails that help them with productivity (the key is to offer real value) and they then go into my sales funnel to buy the Personal Productivity Toolkit.

I’ve been having moderate success with my preview sales funnel and have received a few sale per week (completely passive income). My hope now is the new sales funnel will help to ramp up sales and increase overall revenue.

I’m now focusing on adding some bonus materials to offer alongside the Personal Productivity Toolkit. Stay tuned for details…

2. I reworked my daily routine to find 1.5 extra hours per day

One of the biggest challenges in my side-business is the lack of time I have (yep, I struggle with this as well). Because I work full-time, this website doesn’t get as much of my time as I’d like.

Until now, I’ve been waking up at about 5am to work on my website before going to work. Doing this, I’d get about 45 minutes of work in each morning.

Last month I decided to switch up my routine a bit and instead of waking up early and getting 45 minutes of work done, I’m working later at night from about 8:30 – 10:30, getting 2 hours of work done instead. The best part is because I’m getting up later, I’m still getting the same amount of sleep as before, so my energy levels haven’t been affected.

It just goes to show, when you audit your time and examine how it’s being spent, you may have more time than you think.


Last month I published a couple of new book summaries, which you can check out here:

Currently reading The 4-hour Work Week (for the 4th time).

  1. Tracked using Today ↩︎
  2. Tracked using Today ↩︎