9 Tips for getting more out of Calendly [VIDEO]

I've been using Calendly since 2014 to schedule calls with my clients and couldn't imagine running my consulting business without it.

In this video, I share some tips for new users and settings you may have overlooked when setting up your account:

1. Set up email and SMS notifications to remind attendees before the meeting.
2. Connect to a video conference platform like Zoom to add a join link to the calendar event.
3. Hide event types you don't want people to see on your main booking page.
4. You can send follow-up emails after an appointment.
5. Connect Calendly to your sales CRM or email CMS with Zapier.
6. Make sure you enable the setting to send a calendar invite. This puts a shared invite on both calendars.
7. In your ‘Account Settings' you can set up a welcome message that appears on your main booking screen. This is useful for sharing a bio or explaining your booking process and availability e.g. holidays.
8. Check your calendar conflict settings to ensure you don't get double-booked on top of existing calendar appointments.
9. In Chrome, you can use the Calendly extension to send an adhoc meeting link with custom times.