new edition of guidelines coming soon

New edition of Guidelines, coming soon

After last week's flop, I’ve decided to focus my efforts this month on producing a new edition of my popular ebook, Guidelines. The book has been a consistent seller, feedback has been positive and I’d like to offer more in the way of advice and content.

For the new edition, I’m going to write a whole new section. At the moment, the book has sections on Business, Productivity, Leadership, Health and Life in General. For the new section, I’m thinking along the lines of “Happiness” or “Learning”. I’m still deciding… but either way, I’ll make the new edition available to existing customers for free.

As well as adding to the content of the book, I’m going to shoot some videos of my top book summaries for each of these categories. These summaries will be a great way for customers to quickly digest the main ideas and lessons from best-selling books.

At the moment, there are two price tiers; you can get the ebook only or get the ebook and audio book. With the new video summaries, I’m thinking I’ll have these available at a third price tier and give existing customers the option to upgrade and get these videos for a small fee.

I’m feeling good about this mini-project. It shouldn’t be too much work and it’ll be fun to revisit Guidelines and write some fresh content.

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