The ups and downs of an indie entrepreneur

On any given day, I can feel extremely positive, pleased and excited about how my business is performing and my future prospects. Or, can feel anxious about the future and completely doubt what I’m doing.

Usually, it comes down to some pretty small things that trigger either of these emotions:

  • A client’s response (or lack of a response) to a proposal.
  • The volume of product sales for that week.
  • The number of prospects I have coming through my sales pipeline.
  • An email I’ve received from a subscriber.
  • A conversation on Twitter.
  • The number of clicks on my Google Adwords campaigns.

But when you (I) think about it, it’s not really these things that determine how I feel. It’s my perception and response to these things. I have to remind myself that I get to choose how these things make me feel.

As explained in A Guide to the Good Life and The Obstacle is the Way, we shouldn’t focus on what we can’t control. The good news is that our perception of good and bad is completely within our control and that means, I can choose to be pleased and excited about my business 100% of the time.

The same goes for how you (I) feel about relationships, hobbies, work, your spouse, kids, other people and things that happen to you.

Once you remind yourself that your ability to be happy is within your control and how you choose to perceive things, it’s an incredibly empowering and liberating feeling. Why don’t you mull over that today…?

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