200 Crappy words per day

As I was reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, I came across a passage where the author tells a story about writer who set himself the goal of writing 200 crappy words per day. The lesson here is that a small amount of action (and setting the bar low) inspires further action.

Similar to the idea of “one mindful breath per day” mentioned in Tools of Titans, setting the bar for success low can be the catalyst that results in more work than you expect.

Perhaps that’s what I should be doing on my blog?

If I set myself the goal of writing 200 crappy words per day, I bet, after enough days I will come up with some interesting ideas. At the very least I’ll be able to improve my writing and maybe people will benefit from some of the ideas.

Is this a journal? Is there supposed to be some lesson? Maybe… The truth is that it’s not really anything. No purpose. No real objective. Just 200 crappy words…

So here goes. From now on, I’ll aim to write 200 crappy words per day.

Would you look at that, I just passed 200 words (phew).

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