10 Asana features you may have missed [VIDEO]

Asana, while being simple and easy to use, is a powerful project management tool (when you know what you're doing). It's packed with features and clients of mine are often surprised when I point out some of these lesser-known or obvious features:

  1. Multi-home tasks and subtasks.
  2. Add a video recording to a task (via Vimeo + Chrome). I have a separate video on this.
  3. OCR text into Asana using the smartphone app.
  4. Record an audio note and create a transcription in a task using the smartphone app.
  5. Provide feedback on images (requires Business).
  6. You can whitelist additional emails to forward from multiple addresses into Asana.
  7. Share a public link to a project to share with external parties so they can view the project.
  8. Click on someone's name and you can create a private 1:1 project.
  9. Goal progress can now auto-calculate based on sub-goal or project/task completion.
  10. Tab+B 🐱 and Tab+V 🐶

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