can you be 100 percent productive

Can you be 100% productive?

Since coming away to Bali I’ve been working fewer hours than my “normal” day to day life. Partly because I’m no longer working a full-time job (I’m now focusing on this business) and also because we don’t want our trip to be all about work. We need to have fun and relax as well.

On any given day here in Bali I’ve been working maybe 4 maybe 5 hours tops.

But most “normal” jobs require you to work an 8-hour day regardless of how much you have to do. And this doesn't necessarily mean you use the full 8 hours in the best possible way. If I think back to full-time jobs I’ve had in the past, I can think of days where I’d complete about 4-6 hours of quality work where I’d get my main tasks completed and the rest of the time I would kind of lose to unnecessary chatter, boredom and thinking about how to make myself look busy.

Whereas here, because we’ve put a limit on how much we want to work (so that we can relax and explore), the 4 or 5 hours we do work we get a lot done and they’re very productive hours. All we’ve done is cut out the extra hours that are normally wasted.

So, here’s the question – if you limit your work time like this, can you be 100% productive? Maybe. Maybe not. But certainly by cutting out non-productive time you can get a great deal closer to 100% (instead of more like 50%).

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  • Productivity101

    I believe you can be 100% productive and it’s not about the amount of time you work. Since I started my own business and have complete control of my time, my productivity has sky-rocketed. I measure my productivity by making sure I get the to-do’s on my list for that day done. I almost always get them done these days and in a much shorter amount of time. During a work day in the office, I found that I was constantly distracted and wasted so much time that often I wouldn’t complete all of my tasks and left the day exhausted and deflated.

    • Agreed! In a “normal” office job, so much time is wasted as we are forced to fill 8-hour days. Not to mention commuting as well.


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