How I’m using the new Asana board layout [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, Asana launched a new feature lets you set up and organise projects in a “board” layout (here's their official announcement on the blog). Until now, tasks have been organised using a list view and sections are used to break up and organise the work. Now, with board's, you can organise your tasks into vertical columns. Trello users will be familiar with this layout and it's a very welcomed addition to an already great product.

Setting up your project as a board is great for certain types of work. In this video, I'll show you a few ways that I'm using the new board layout. Having worked with Asana's list view for the last few years, I'm still getting used to this new layout.

The nice thing about setting up a project as a board is that you can add existing tasks to a board project. This means you can have the same task appear in a project that's set up as a list, as well as a board. If you have a look at my video, you'll see how I'm taking advantage of this with my “Kanban” project.

My initial impression is that I'll continue to use the list view for most projects. I like the more condensed layout as tasks are shown as thinner lines instead of larger cards which take up more space. I also like how when you click a task in the list view, the task pane expands on the right hand side and you can still see all your tasks on the left (whereas the task pane up most of the screen and obscures other tasks when you're in the board layout).

If you have any suggestions on how to use the new board's please let me know in the comments.