what can I say

What can I say?

It ain’t alway easy. Since starting this daily writing mini-project, I’ve found there are two types of days:

  1. The good days when I have a great story to share or an idea comes to mind really quickly. On these days I can write my 200 crappy words in no time at all and actually feel pretty good about what I’ve written.
  2. Then there are the bad days (like today), where I have no interesting stories or insightful ideas to share. But I’ve already told myself, I have to write 200 words per day. So today I’m thinking, “What can I say?”.

Which is what lead me to the words you’re reading right now…

Sort of a cop-out right? Guy can’t think of what to write, so write’s about not knowing what to write about.

On the bad days I’ve found the best way to write my 200 words is to just start. Forget whether I’ll use the words or not, just get something onto the page.

When you start like this and the words begin to flow, it’s interesting what comes out. For example, I started writing this post with no idea that it would end up making the point I’ve arrived at right now.

So I guess, what we can learn from this post is that action and making even just a small start can inspire further motivation and action. It’s a snowball that builds and builds.

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